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tv   Viewer Reaction - Christine Blasey Ford Brett Kavanaugh Testimony  CSPAN  September 27, 2018 9:04pm-9:28pm EDT

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define our legal system and our country. by theou to judge me standard that you would want applied to your father, your , your brother or your son. my family and i intend no ill will for dr. ford or her family, but i swear today under oath before the senate and the nation, before my family and god, i am innocent of this charge. the testimony earlier today of judge brett kavanaugh of the d.c. court of appeals in the confirmation hearing. he was preceded by christine blasey ford, who accused brett kavanaugh sexual assault when thetwo were teenagers in
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1980's. we are going to stop here briefly and hear from you, your thoughts on the hearing today, what you heard from both brett kavanaugh and christine blasi d christine blasey ford. 202, 748, 8920ed . republicans, call 202-748-8921. independent callers, call 202-748-8292. a couple tweets from reporters. the associated press, tweeting that republican senators, the judiciary committee will vote friday morning on brett
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kavanaugh's nomination to the pbs,me court worried tweeting that the republicans plan a floor vote on the kavanaugh nomination at 12:00 noon on saturday. that will be a procedural vote. unclear if republicans have 50. committee vote happens tomorrow at 9:30, as we mentioned. and one tweet from the l.a. possible path forward. she talks about the vote tomorrow morning at 9:30, the senate procedural vote saturday afternoon, second siege will vote at monday at 1:00 a.m., she says the soonest it could be held, and a final vote tuesday at 7:00 a.m., the soonest it could be held, because of senate that is sete clock in motion once the motion to proceed is started in the nomination comes to the floor. our coverage of the u.s. senate tomorrow and c-span2, tamara morning, the judiciary committee will be meeting at 9:30 eastern for that vote -- tomorrow
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judiciary committee will be meeting at 9:30 eastern for that vote. line go to our independent and hear from vivian in athens, tennessee, good evening. good evening. i have two observations and would like to make. one is about the lie detector early.hy she took it so customer at a warehouse in the company that i managed, and someone was stealing there. so we had all the employees take a lie-detector test. and one of the young men failed the lie detector test, and we fired him. we foundears later,
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out that he did not, he was not the one that was doing the stealing. that the liethink detector test that christine blasey ford took as part of this investigation, do think that helped her case and her statement earlier today? no, because she took that lie-detector test early, knowing full well that it couldn't be used, knowing full well that lie-detectors do not work. let's go to the democrat's line and hear from jesse in the nations capital. caller: my main thought is the following, which is that republicans will confirm brett kavanaugh. and this revealed nothing more than the fact that the supreme .ourt is a political tool they would confirm donald trump, jr. or anybody, if they could
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get away with it, so long as they would vote the wrong way on the court. kavanaugh will allow them to repeal roe versus wade, to get rid of it. and it would allow them to tread on environmental rejections. he is a bought and paid for republican. that is all they care about, and they could not care less about the integrity of brett kavanaugh. on the issue that came up today, the sexual sauce -- the sexual assault allegation by christine blasey ford today, and there were others out there, some disputed and others addressed in the hearing today. what is your sense of the truthfulness and the veracity of her statement in testimony before the committee today? caller: i believe are completely. story is really consistent with everything i have heard about the behavior of elite prept these
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schools that are all-boys misogyny, and i'm not surprised. there are many allegations about this. host: after the hearing ended, president trump weighed in after watching a good bit today reportedly. he said judge academy -- he said judge kavanaugh showed america want showed america exactly why i nominated him. his testimony was powerful, honest and riveting. democrats' search and destroy strategy is disgraceful and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, abstract, and resist. the senate must vote. caller: the democrats have been molesting the bill of rights my whole life, as have the republicans. dianne feinstein is questioning a man, when she should be under
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investigation for being a chinese agent? -- #meis half too. it should be #you are next. host: what you mean when you say chinese agent? i'm talking about directly being a chinese agent. let's do an investigation. host: you are on the air. go ahead, sir. last few weeks we got a great shell of what the democrats are going to throw at us at the next election, and their caliber of candidates. it's actually benefiting the republican party. the sad part about this is that if he is not confirmed, there is going to be nobody with any good character accepting appointments , based on this show that has been going on for the past three weeks, which is going to hurt
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the american public. host: what is your sense about not just a vote tomorrow, but the support in the senate? do you think brett kavanaugh will be approved? caller: he should be. he is notappointed, hired. but as voters we hire our senators. so as voters, we all need to watch what happens. there is no reason at all not to have him confirmed. host: and terms of the election and winners or losers out of this hearing, what do you think? caller: i think if everybody puts their thoughts to it, the democrats are going to look terrible, their public appeal should be very low. and if people watch this process, they would be appalled by the politics going on. you, jeff.
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it couple of reporters are still on capitol hill. the meetings have ended. most senators are heading home. i tomorrow morning at 9:30. reports say reporters are asambling around the capital flake, murkowski and collins died just. chased a car to the house side of the capital where murkowski, portman and barrasso all got into a car together. she didn't respond when asked if she made her decision. we understand the bob corker has made his decision and tweeted that information earlier. in fact, here is a tweet on that, corker to vote yes on kavanaugh. i think judge kavanaugh has conducted himself as well as anybody could expect during this process. that is about the corker statement. he tweeted that out and chad per
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graham from fox as well. jacqueline is on our democrat's line. do us a favor and make sure you mute your television set. go ahead with your comments. supporti wholeheartedly and believe everything i --nessed and heard from dr. from the doctor today. believe that she was molested, as she stated. and she has shown throughout her life have it has affected her, and it has her duty that she felt, to believe that if kavanaugh was appointed, that we would be in big trouble, as women and as democrats. host: let's hear from richard neal. the independent line, guilford, connecticut. your reaction to the testimony today? caller: good evening.
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host: go ahead, richard. caller: i just think the --ocrats coming up [applause] [indiscernible] and whoever he appoints, they will come up with excuses. and they are taking a completely good manager destroying his reputation. host: so you're thinking the democrat's request for further fbi investigation is stalling for time? caller: yes. that's what i believe, completely. host: kim is on the republican line in stevensville, maryland. caller: i have two. my first comment is, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? canthen, just because you
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empathize with dr. ford, it doesn't make judge kavanaugh guilty. thank you for taking my call. host: how much did you get a chance to watch today, kim? i watched from when it started this morning, and it's very important to me to be educated about what is going on, and informed. host: glad to have you tuned in. the hearing, stretching over the course of eight hours with the entire length a little over six hours. we will show all of the later tonight here on c-span. we continue with a few more calls. janice is in new jersey on the democrat's line. janice, are you there? from new, we will hear jersey, janice? caller: thank you for taking the call. the judicial candidate for the
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supreme court has repeatedly claimed his life has been wrote by the allegations of dr. ford -- his life has been ruined by the allegations of dr. ford. whoespects the president, repeatedly claimed that former president obama, before he was elected, wasn't an american citizen. there were things that were said about hillary clinton, things that ruined the lives of people. this is a current smear campaign against him? but i just saw a negative ad in a smear campaign against the thecratic candidate for third congressional district, andrew kemp, and i'm just astonished that this man behaves as if he is in some sort of that nothingd,
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like this happens, that is not a political position he's taking. he is taking a political position. he is saying that people are saying things to ruin his life. they're not saying things to ruin his life. they are saying things so that can get a clearer idea of what kind of man this is and what he is going to do when he is on the supreme court. audience member: do you think judge kavanaugh's statement and his testimony following that was couplet a clearer ideapersuasie of republican senators reportedly who may be on the fence? i don't think the crying was a good thing. and i also don't think he should act so innocent. i mean, they all said terrible , when another, publicly, on both sides of the isle. and when you think of what ippens during a campaign, don't want to repeat it on the air what things were said about hillary clinton, about bernie
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sanders. there was nolimit, concern about their personal lives or their reputations are what they would do after where stiff these things came out, even if they work -- or what ify would do afterwards these things came out, even if they weren't true. hillary clinton was a criminal. obama wasn't even a citizen. as someone come off who is above all this, when in fact he is right in it? host: thanks for checking in with us. we show you video a few moments ago some of the protests going on. camera crews were on capitol hill throughout the day, inside people who were in favor and opposed to the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. call" reported capitol
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police arrested 57 after a sit in in front of the supreme court. that was as of early this evening. it could be higher than that. in rancho from daniel cucamonga, california, on the independent line. caller: good evening, thanks for taking my call. you know, it's a sensitive subject. can you hear me ok? host: we can. go ahead, daniel. caller: it's a sensitive subject to bring up, because i can certainly empathize with dr. ford. and women certainly have, not just women, but there may be a lot of reasons white someone would not come forward. i'm a young attorney in california. and we have this concept in criminal proceedings, a statute of limitations. purpose of the statute
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of limitations, and understand this isn't the criminal context, it's a confirmation thing, but the purpose of the statute of limitations is the protection of the accused. it's part of the presumption of a person, that after waits a certain amount of time without bringing their claim forward, the evidence maybe stale or you may end up in a situation where you can't prove the claim one way or the other. i would like there to be more discussion on whether there of limit,some type perhaps 15 years, 10 years. host: daniel, you are breaking up but we appreciate your comments. just a couple of updates on where things stand with senators. we told you about senator corker. "politico"rage from tweaking that donnelly, mention
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and murkowski are all supposed to vote the same way, according to aides. and nbc reports that jeff flake from arizona, retiring senator from arizona, is still undecided on judge kavanaugh. next hear from michelle up. she's in rochester, new hampshire, on the republican line. welcome. caller: hello. thank you for taking my call. i am all forself, kavanaugh. i think for somebody who has to put his whole life, personal and everything, all the way up to his sexuality when he had sex for the first time, that says something about him. she, if this really happened, i'm sorry it happened to her, but with the democratic party, they have been so hard on president trump. do not even giving him a chance. this country has not given him a
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chance. andas got so much to offer, people just see him for what he was and not what he can do for this country. and i'm raising two daughters, and i have a granddaughter, and i teach them right from wrong. but what that meant just did tonight, if you can't see that he just poured everything he had the that table, and embarrassment for his family and his kids and his mom and dad, you know, i really feel for americans nowadays. we are justnd i, middle-class but we are considered lower middle class because of our income, but we've never depended on anybody to ever take care of us. we have always done what was right by our family, and i see that in him as well. i think he deserves to be nominated and go forward. host: you mentioned you have
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daughters. did you hear the part of her testimony where she said after the alleged incident, she went home but she did not tell her parents because she had been at a party, she had been drinking and was embarrassed to tell them . does that sound like a realistic scenario is a parent yourself? actually, it is, because we experienced that with one of our daughters. and it was with a military personnel guy. so we had to go to the admiral deal with that situation and take that under control. we allowed them to do what they did, so i've been in that situation and i know what it is like. host: can we ask how old your daughter was and how will the man deal was? the guyshe was 16 and in the military was married with children and he was about 30 something years old. for: michelle, the next sharing your experience. we go to bill in upper marlboro,
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maryland, the democrat's line. ill, go ahead. -- bill, go ahead. to say oneust want thing. as a democrat, i'm pretty sad, the wheaties hearings have been held. these hearings have been held. i don't know this guy. i have followed him a little bit. but when i look to see the way my party has crucified this guy, my grandkids came to merely her tonight and i talked to them earlier -- came to me tonight, and i talked to them about it, and i asked them what they thought about it, and they said he was a rapist and a murderer. that's the we the media has portrayed this guy. way -- that'sthe the way the media has
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portrayed this guy. i'm a true blue democrat. at least it was. i don't know what democrats are anymore, because when we crucify a man and his family, and listen to my grandkids telling me this man is a rapist and a murderer. host: bill, what did you say back to them? what was your argument against that? caller: what do you say? what do you say? when the leaders of my country, you understand, they are actually our lawmakers, and my grandkids, and the media, how do i explain this? hadi you explain this? host: were your grandkids watching the hearing today? are they getting information about the hearing from facebook or social media? caller: i tried to get them -- i
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try to get them to watch a little bit of news every day, so they can learn a little bit of history, but for all different ways. but i also tell them to keep an open mind on everything. but they have convicted this guy. my grandkids are telling me he has convicted -- he is convicted. and if any american can't see what is happening here, it's pretty sad. thank you for keeping up the discussion and expressing your opinion. we will take more of your calls this evening here on c-span. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., on ." we want toournal remind you about the senate judiciary committee tomorrow morning at 9:00 p.m. -- 9:00 a.m. eastern. the nominationon to marbling. our coverage tomorrow morning on c-


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